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Mr. Milgrim's is a frequent author on current IP issues as well as a participant and contributor at important Symposia

Articles and Symposia (Partial)

Speaker (1969-Present) on various aspects of trade secrets, computer law, licensing, patent/antitrust, etc., at numerous bar associations, continuing legal education and like events for the Practicing Law Institute, American Intellectual Property Law Institute, Licensing Executives Society, University of Chicago, Columbia, Loyola (Chicago), N.Y.U., University of Pennsylvania, U.S.C., Stanford, University of Texas, and Yale law schools, numerous bar associations (California, Cincinnati, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Orange County, Philadelphia, Silicon Valley General Counsel Ass'n, Texas, etc.) and corporate counsel organizations (Connecticut, Georgia, New York)
Lecturer, Trade Secrets and Licensing, to Law Departments: AT&T; Eastman Kodak; Elf Atochem; Exxon; PPG; Procter & Gamble; United Technologies
Chairman, Co-chairman, numerous PLI Trade Secret programs, Patent/Antitrust and Domestic and International Technology Licensing programs
Chairman, Banking Law Journal Institute on Licensing Law & Practices 1969 - 1973
"Territoriality of Copyright: An Analysis of Assignability under the Universal Copyright Convention" 12 ASCAP Copyright L. Symp. 1 (1962)
Employer-Employee Aspects of Trade Secrets, Addresses, Ann. Meeting Banking, Corp. & Bus. L. Sec. 1969, 31
Sears to Lear to Painton: Of Whales and Other Matters 46 N.Y.U.L. Rev. 17 (1971)
Trade Secret Protection and Licensing - A True Alternative APLA Bull. 396 (1972)
Software, Carfare and Benson, Datamation April 1973
Get the most out of your trade secrets 52 Harv. Bus. Rev. 105 (1974)
Use of Patents and Trade Secrets for Technology Licensing: A Comparison and Choice Pat. L. Ann. 1978, 327
Trade Secret: A Review, Pat. L.-Current Trends and Developments 51 PLI G4-2630 1970
U.S. Antitrust Laws and International Transfers of Technology - The Private Lawyer's View, Ann. Proc. Fordham Corp. L. Inst. 189 (1975)
Licensing and Joint Ventures, ABA Nat'l Inst. on Current L. of For'n Inv. in U.S. 1975
Know-How Licensing, Patent Antitrust 95 PLI G4-3609 1976
What Is A Trade Secret, Trade Secret 1-1 Ill. Inst. for Cont. Legal Educ. 1976
Use of Patents and Trade Secrets for Technology Licensing, Current Trends in Domestic and International Licensing 1977, 153 (PLI G4-3627 1977)
A Comparison Between Patents and Trade Secrets in the Licensing Context 1978 Proceedings L.A.P.L.A.
Trade Secrets, Third Ann. Pat., T/M and Trade Secret Litigation Inst. Loyola U. of Chi. School of L. 1979
The Evaluation of a Trade Secret Case, U.S.C. First Ann. Computer Law Inst. (1980)
Trade Secrets to Protect Software, Nat'l Software Protection Conf. U. Chi. Ctr. Cont. Educ. 1980)
Patents and Trade Secrets - An Antitrust Analysis, Antitrust, Technology and Patents N.Y.L.J. 473 1980, Domestic and Int'l Licensing of Technology (PLI G4-3681 1980
Are Trade Secrets and Know-How Preempted by Copyright and Patent Law Co-authored with J. Thomas McCarthy, ibid.
Arbitration: An Important Remedial Technique to Resolve Disputes Related to Technology Licenses, and to Corporate Ownership and Control, Alternative Dispute Resolution And Risk Management: Controlling Conflict And Its Costs 338 (PLI H4-5032 1987)
Trade Secret Law Basic Columbia Law School Law & Technology Institute 1987
Trade Secrets In The Litigation Context 10th Annual Computer Law Institute, 259 (PLI G4-3820 1988)
Who Owns What: Copyright and Trade Secret 11th Annual Computer Law Institute, 279 (PLI G4-3841) (1989)
Computer Software Law Dayton School of Law 1991
Computer Software Law ALI-ABA Boston 1991
Current Trade Secret Developments Ohio Intellectual Property Bar Ass'n, Cleveland and Cincinnati 1994)
Strategic Alliances and Intellectual Property Denver - Energy Institute, New York/California - Strategic Research Institute 1994/1995
Current Developments In Intellectual Property Georgia Corporate Counsel Institute, Atlanta, 1995
High Technology Licensing New York/California American Conference Institute 1996
Current Trade Secret Developments: Litigation Michigan Intellectual Property Ass'n 1997
Current Trade Secret Developments California State Bar Continuing Legal Education, Los Angeles and Orange County 1997
Commission Proposed Capital Punishment -- By Definition - For Trade Secrets, A Uniquely Valuable IP Right 88 J. Pat. & Tm. Off. Soc'y 919 (Nov. 2006)
An Independent Invention Defense to Patent Infringement: The Academy Talking to Itself: Should Anyone Listen? 90 J. Pat. & Tm. Off. Soc'y 295 (2008)
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