Mr. Milgrim practiced law in Paris as Baker & McKenzie’s first American associate before returning to NYC, where he joined Nixon Mudge.

He and another Nixon Mudge associate started their own firm in 1968 and over the following 24 years they built Milgrim Thomajan & Lee into a firm of over 150 lawyers in New York, Washington, Boston, Los Angeles and Austin.

He and the IP group from that firm joined the New York office of Paul Hastings, a worldwide law firm, in 1992.

History (Partial)

Baker & McKenzie, Paris

1963 - 1965

Nixon Mudge Rose Guthrie and Alexander, NYC

1965 - 1968

Milgrim Thomajan & Lee P.C., NYC (and unincorporated predecessor)

1968 - 1992

Paul Hastings LLP, senior partner, resident in NYC

(1992 - 2005)

Chair, Litigation Department (1997 - 1999)

Chair, Intellectual Property Group (1992 - 2005)

New York University School of Law, Adjunct Professor of Law

1971 - 1994

Institute of Comparative Law

1977 - 1979